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VISTA Records by Vincenzo Micocci

The VISTA was founded by Vincenzo Micocci, as a subsidiary of major label RCA / it.

Micocci is a record producer and a great jazz fan, who had published for the same RCA albums of great importance for the Italian jazz, like "The Beat Generation" by Armando Trovajoli, "Romano Mussolini con Nunzio Rotondo & Lilian Terry", the legendary live "Jam Session In Rome" and the magnificent collection "Jazz in Italy: 4 Dimensions"

The VISTA is a very small and obscure label, specialized in jazz, avant-garde and alternative music.
Of this label they are known only eight album and one single, all printed in May 1975.

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Perdas De Fogu - Marcello Melis / Mario Schiano - 1974 - TPL1 1082 -

Marcello Melis (Cagliari 1939, August 16 / Paris 1994, October 5) was an Italian bassist and composer who has done real research between the Sardinian folk music and Afro-American tradition.

His first collaborations were with Mario Schiano, and with him founded the historical Gruppo Romano Free Jazz, and continue with musicians like Steve Lacy, Mal Waldron, Gato Barbieri.

This record, which opens the VISTA label, is the first in his name.
Melis subsequently recorded with Enrico Rava and Roswell Rudd (The New Village On The Left - 1976), again with Rava and with Lester Bowie (Free To Dance - 1978), and with Don Pullen, Sandro Satta and Don Moye (Angedras - 1982).

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Label: VISTA
Produced by IT for the italian RCA
Catalog# TPL1 1082
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at the "Blue Rock Studio", New York 1974, June 13 & 14

Mario Schiano (alto sax), Bruce Johnson (g), Don Pullen (p), Marcello Melis (bass), Jerome Cooper (drums), Ray Mantilla (perc), Sheila Jordan (voice)


Side A
A1) Sa Bruscia Narat - 13'17"
A2) Italjazz - 5'05" (arranged by Bruce Johnson)
A3) Rivvalta - 3'53"

Side B

B1) Perdas De Fogu - 5'00"
B2) Sulcis - 7'05"
B3) Anghelu Ruju - 8'50"